Is it a project?

Is finding a job a project?

Those from a business background may find it helpful to consider the task of finding a new job to be a mini-project.

The same techniques used to plan, execute and track progress on a conventional project can be used for job hunting. This can provide a structure to work within. This can be especially useful for those with a corporate background who are used to having the organisation's structure guide them, even if sub-consciously.

you are the product

The job interview can similarly be treated as a business meeting, where both parties have an issue to be resolved and the outcome needs to be mutually beneficial.

Networking, i.e. talking with your friends and other contacts can be useful for identifying hidden jobs. LinkedIn can be used to raise your profile and also ensure that the image you want portrayed is seen.

Many employers expect to find information about a prospective employer on the internet. It therefore makes sense to ensure that what they find is helping you.

Strange as it may seem, in this modern world of consumerism, you are a product, that you need to sell.

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