The 3 questions

Prospective employers or recruitment companies generally think about 3 questions when considering a job applicant:

Can you do the job?

Do you already have the necessary skills / knowledge, or show the ability and enthusiasm to learn the necessary skills?

Will you do the job?

We can all do jobs that we may not like if we have to, sometimes because we have no choice. However, we are likely to leave that undesirable job as soon as something better is available.

Some companies accept or want staff for short periods only.  However, companies looking for permanent staff will select people who want to be there, especially as recruitment costs them significant money, time and effort, let alone disruption to their business.

Do you fit?

Many jobs require you to work with other staff and possibly customers as well.  It is important for both the employing company and you that your character fits in with those around you.  We all need an environment that we feel comfortable in to be our best.  It may sometimes be best to walk away from a job opportunity if your instinct tells you that it is not going to work.  This is not an easy decision and you may wish to discuss this first with someone you trust.

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